Identity Card…

Every student should carry her identity card in the college She shall not be entertained by the college office/library/staff etc. unless she shows the identity card. Furthermore, a student r asked to show her identity card by any of the college staff members at any stage.

University Examination – Important…

1. A student is not eligible to appear in the University examination if the attendance in the theory and practical classes is less than seventy five (75%) percent. Attendance in theory and practical classes is counted separately.
2. A student whose attendance is complete but fails to clear the university examination in part or full will not be given admission to the college in that course. She can however, appear in the university examination in the capacity of ex-student.


The Proctorial Board of the college looks after the discipline and decorum of the life in college. It also looks after the welfare of the students and enforcement of the rules and regulations of the college and the university.
Students have to occupy themselves with academic pursuits throughout the working time in the college. Free periods may be spent in the library where books, periodicals, journals and newspapers are available.
The students, subject to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the college and university will have to abide by the rules and regulations issued from time to time.
The Proctorial Board deals with all cases of indiscipline. Discipline’ is the observance of good conduct. As a student, Breach of Discipline includes:
1. Irregularity in attendance, persistent negligence or indifference towards the work assigned.
2. Causing disturbance in the class or office or library or any games I programme or college function.
3. Disobeying the instructions of teachers or other authorities of the college.
4. Misconduct or misbehaviour of any kind at the time of meetings or during curricular or extra-curricular activities.
5. Misconduct or misbehaviour of any kind at the examination, delegacy centres, inter-college competitions and games.
6. Misconduct or misbehavior of any kind towards a teacher or any employee of the college,  university or another institute or any member of the statutory Board of the University or any visitor to the college, University or another institution.
8. Causing damage to the furniture or any other property of the college or any other institution of the university.
9. Insisting or abetting others to indulge in any unlawful acts.
10. Giving publicity to misleading reports or rumours among the students.
11. Loitering or loafing about in the college campus.
12. Smoking in the college premises.
13. Attitude of non -seriousness towards studies or other activities of the college.
14. Any other conduct which is considered unbecoming of a student of  College .
Each student shall have to submit to the code of disciplinary jurisdiction of the Principal, the Vice Chancellor and other authorities of the college/university in whom may be vested authority to exercise discipline under the acts, the statues, the ordinance and rules that have been framed by the college and the university.

The students are advised not to bring outsiders with them in the college premises. If any outsider in the college is found indulging indiscipline, the outsider shall invariably be handed over to the Police and strict disciplinary action shall be taken against the student who directly or indirectly brought such outsider/outsiders in the college premises. Such students may even be expelled from the college.


A student may withdraw from the college by making an application to the Principal intimating the date of withdrawal. He/She will be required to pay all fees and other charges for full session.